Timber Blinds Provide Privacy And Light Control

Brisbane is Australia’s second hottest capital (Darwin is the hottest) and its sun-rays contain a lot of ultraviolet rays that can be quite damaging. If you are looking for the best window treatment, timber blinds Brisbane is the ideal choice for protection from the heat and these rays, while they provide optimal privacy.

These blinds will not only help you control the light coming into a room, but also look great, and cover al the needs that blinds are expected to provide. There can be many designs, and slats will typically be between 45 and 60 mm, though you can opt for custom sizes as per your desire.

They are quite affordable and very popular in Brisbane and its surrounding suburbs and add a touch of class to any home that they are fitted in. They are ideally suited to homes that are on the waterfront, as they are not affected by moisture.