There are several advantages of using brushless DC motors in electronic projects. They prove better compared to the brushed motors in certain applications, mainly because of their electronic commutation feature. The controller can switch the current instantly, allowing better regulation of the motor’s characteristics. BLDC controllers are designed to improveContinue Reading

Home Automation Design is a process that helps in making your dreams come true. Automation design starts with a simple idea, and it involves many strategies that you can automize. This idea can be as broad as controlling lights and appliances in our homes, or it can be as specificContinue Reading

An LED star projector can provide you with the ultimate bedroom transformation. The best part is that it’s instant and effortless. Just turn on the projector in a completely dark room to let the stars shine. You will be amazed at the visuals. Dynamic Lights What’s more, you won’t justContinue Reading

Artificial intelligence is the computer or robot controlled by a computer to do tasks that humans usually do because they require human intelligence and discernment. The types of Artificial Intelligence News are reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind, and self-awareness. The advantages of fake news are it drives downContinue Reading

A technology roadmap is a high level overview of future planning for the use of technology; it is often used to plan and manage new information technology (IT) infrastructure. It is a strategic plan for future changes to an organization’s technology environment and is used to decide how to implementContinue Reading

A Matrix Barcode is a compact yet efficient encoding format for barcodes. Used for recording, tracking, and storing data, Matrix Barcode Software is available in software packages such as F-Market, C-BizPanel, and SuperPages. The software has been designed to simplify creating barcodes, both as user-friendly as possible and as economicalContinue Reading

Infusion Software provides a direct sales platform for small to mid-size businesses, offering products to manage clients, client relationship management, direct marketing, and online commerce. While the infusions software is relatively new, it has already become very popular. Many business owners find that the ease of use is what drawsContinue Reading

Lancome is a well known brand in the beauty product range. It has established a good name in this industry with its effective beauty and skincare solutions. It offers a huge collection of wellness and makeup products. Look your best and feel healthy using its products regularly. Some of itsContinue Reading

The iMX6 family of applications processors offers a feature- and performance-scalable multi-core platform that includes single-core, dual-core, and quad-core chipset families based on the Cortex architecture. It provides a scalable platform combined with broad levels of integration and power-efficient processing capabilities that are designed to be particularly well suited toContinue Reading