Robot surgery is a new procedure that the London clinic has been performing for the past few years. The London clinic was one of the first hospitals in England to offer this type of procedure. They are now acknowledged as specialists in robot surgery. It is considered one of theContinue Reading

Bluetooth headphones are a leading choice for many consumers, and Bluetooth headphones have several distinct advantages over headphones with wires. Here are four advantages that wireless Bluetooth headphones have over traditional headphones. More Freedom of Movement Headphones with a Bluetooth connection allow for more freedom of movement since there areContinue Reading

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) continue to occur at a breakneck speed. Following is some of the latest AI news. AI Used to Identify Fake News US and Chinese researchers working at the Big Data and AI Lab at IntelligentRabbit and the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, respectively,Continue Reading

A lot of people have asked about my virtual wallet. What is it, and what does it do? Well, let’s start by understanding how a virtual purse works. Your virtual or digital wallet, in fact, is linked to your checking account and vice versa. All of these features make itContinue Reading

The plastic ID card printer has made it extremely convenient for businesses to make employment access cards readily available for their staff. These same plastic cards can also be used as membership cards, loyalty cards, rewards cards, and gift certificates. There are so many important uses for these indestructible cards.Continue Reading

A Pet robot toy and similar toys are robotic androids that will respond to commands. This is the same technology used by Google to train their self-driving car. These robotic pets will work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These robot pets work on a systemContinue Reading

There are several advantages of using brushless DC motors in electronic projects. They prove better compared to the brushed motors in certain applications, mainly because of their electronic commutation feature. The controller can switch the current instantly, allowing better regulation of the motor’s characteristics. BLDC controllers are designed to improveContinue Reading

Home Automation Design is a process that helps in making your dreams come true. Automation design starts with a simple idea, and it involves many strategies that you can automize. This idea can be as broad as controlling lights and appliances in our homes, or it can be as specificContinue Reading

An LED star projector can provide you with the ultimate bedroom transformation. The best part is that it’s instant and effortless. Just turn on the projector in a completely dark room to let the stars shine. You will be amazed at the visuals. Dynamic Lights What’s more, you won’t justContinue Reading