The iMX6 family of applications processors offers a feature- and performance-scalable multi-core platform that includes single-core, dual-core, and quad-core chipset families based on the Cortex architecture. It provides a scalable platform combined with broad levels of integration and power-efficient processing capabilities that are designed to be particularly well suited toContinue Reading

The key advantage of cloud hosting is the ease of scalability. Hosting in the cloud allows infrastructure to encompass multiple servers as required to provide extra capacity. This allows infrastructure to scale up quickly for unexpected traffic surges. It also enables infrastructure to grow with requirements over a longer period.Continue Reading

One of the things which is making USB such a ubiquitous part of our modern world is its versatility. Most other connection protocols are single purpose in nature. By design, a charger charges and a data connection transfers data, for example. Yet USB electrical interfaces can do both of theseContinue Reading

Professional phone recordings are an excellent way to enhance your business. With professionally prompt prompts and recorded phone messages, you’ll guide your clients to the proper location, establish trust, and communicate your organization’s professionalism. Join the growing number of companies that realize the benefits of using phone prompts and recordingsContinue Reading

As Microsoft moves further away from its original role as an operating system and more into its new planned position as business solutions provider, a host of new protocols and programs are gradually taking center stage. Power BI is one of that crop of new entrants into the field ofContinue Reading

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a mechanism that incorporates human intelligence into machines through the use of algorithms. It basically allow computers to think like a human brain. Machine learning (ML) on the other hand, allows the computer to learn from its own experiences and improve its performance accordingly. When youContinue Reading

Here is some of the latest AI news: • Facebook is developing an AI that summarizes news into short snippets. The system, known as TL;DR (which stands for ‘Too Long; Didn’t Read’) will try to strike a balance between summarizing news topics but not so much that the news storyContinue Reading

Consumers need to consult Smart TV Reviews before buying a television. The best smart TVs feature an excellent screen and streamlined software. Luckily, most TVs feature the right hardware and beautiful picture quality. Smart televisions tend to be hampered by lackluster software, which makes the user experience frustrating. Excellent televisionsContinue Reading

Have you ever wished you could leave your traditional desk job and embark on an adventure while working for yourself? These days, with the availability of the internet and the world at our fingertips, this is no longer a dream. For many, it’s a lifestyle and career. The digital nomadContinue Reading

Many businesses are moving away from the standard use of pen and paper to sign documents and shifting to more digital solutions. Electronic signature software is one such digital solution that provides numerous benefits to businesses. It helps to improve customer relationships. In the modern world, a good number ofContinue Reading