Bees usually make honey from nectar, water and several other raw materials, but these two are the main ones. Since different types of plants usually produce different types of flowers and nectar, honey made by bees from one part of the world will differ greatly from honey made by beesContinue Reading

Mad honey is a raw and organic honey that is only found in the region of Nepal. It comes from bees that pollinate flowers in the region. No, you don’t have to travel to Nepal to purchase it because it is readily available on many websites. Mad honey Nepal hasContinue Reading

Definition of Organic Suppliers: Companies that handle and or process organic food, and either supply directly to the public, Organic Suppliers and even restaurants. They not only make sure the products and their ingredients but also the environment theses products are grown or bred are free from pesticides, sewage sludge,Continue Reading

There are many little-known psychoactive products on the market, and one of them is Nepal mad honey. This comes from nectar that was collected from bees in the region of central Asia. Local plants contain a toxin that finds its way into honey in limited quantities. It is able toContinue Reading

Mad honey Nepal, has been in discussion for a while. Some people are raving about the honey, while others are saying it is poisonous. At a commercial level, the production of the sugary syrup continues, where it moves from Nepal to other countries as well. So, how dangerous is honey?Continue Reading