Mining regulations are important for the safety of miners and the environment. Miners need to know about the regulations to follow them. If they don’t follow the regulations, it can lead to accidents. Regulations help protect both miners and the environment. Mining is a critical part of the economy andContinue Reading

The Land Tenure System is a system that was created to solve the problem of land ownership. Land ownership has been a long-standing issue throughout history, and it’s one that people still struggle with today. The Land Tenure System was created as an alternative to individual ownership, which would allowContinue Reading

Exploration activity is the first step in starting a mining operation. Mining exploration, or mineral exploration, is the process of gathering geological information and analysing it to identify the location of mineral deposits and to assess whether it is economically feasible to extract these minerals: that is, whether the costContinue Reading

Land tenure is an ancient and complex social institution which covers the relationships among people with regard to the ownership and use of land assets (and sometimes forests and bodies of water). It is likely it began on a customary basis between landowners and people that worked their land andContinue Reading