Smart Pots are the future of gardening. These Pots are a patented growing system that uses less water and energy than traditional containers and provides better drainage and aeration. Smart Pot’s innovative design utilizes Smart Fabric technology to create an organic living environment for healthier plants with higher yields inContinue Reading

Fabric pots are becoming more and more popular for their ability to control the environment around a plant. Best Fabric Pots has been in business since 1993 and is dedicated to making fabric pots of all shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and styles. They have a wide variety of fabrics fromContinue Reading

Hydroponics or better known as container gardening, is growing plants in small containers without the use of soil, water, or any type of nutrients. Hydroponics systems contain a growing medium, the nutrient solution, and some type of lighting device such as fluorescent or electric. The nutrient solution is prepared byContinue Reading

The Best Grow Bags are the perfect accompaniment to a good organic garden. These plants grow bags are by far the best you will find, and they are rounded up here in three categories to fit any gardener’s needs. There are the Plastic Container Gardener, the Mediterranean Gardener, and theContinue Reading

Annual flower seeds are ideal for starting your garden. They can be sown in spring and usually live up to five years. Planting them requires a cold frame, stakes, some potting soil, and some annual plant seeds. The seeds themselves are the reproductive parts of the plant. You are simplyContinue Reading

The Best Grow Bags are made from fabric. The breathable fabric creates the perfect environment. While plastic grow bags may be used for some things overall the fabric grow bag is the choice option of most professional grow masters. Using fabric bags can actually increase the growth potential of manyContinue Reading