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Floor runners add beauty, color and texture to a room, and there are several things to consider when buying floor runners and they include: Style This is one of the most important things to consider, because a runner should bring out the flooring, the architecture and also the d├ęcor aroundContinue Reading

A mint area rug can add a lot of ambiance and style to any room. They can add elegance to the most formal of rooms and can give a fun and light atmosphere to a kid’s room as well. They are usually made of the finest quality materials and haveContinue Reading

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There is a large selection of home decor styles that can enhance the beauty of any home. These include traditional, contemporary, eclectic, and rustic. Traditional interior design style comes from many different old-fashioned European styles and is now known as rustic. Rustic reflects traditional European interior decor, boasting heavily carvedContinue Reading

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Cube storage is a great way to get creative with storage boxes. What makes cubed shaped boxes so great for storage? For one thing, cubed boxes offer a three-dimensional shape that’s easy to work with. Cube storage boxes also come in a large variety of sizes and colors, and theyContinue Reading