Weighted Blanket Sore Muscles can be a great way to help you prevent injury. Not only will it help to keep your body warm and dry it will also help to tone up your muscles in the areas where you are experiencing soreness. There is nothing more inviting to injureContinue Reading

Weighted Blanket Benefits: Eases Insomnia: Insomnia might seem like a small bump in the road to a good night’s sleep if you do haven’t experienced insomnia! Assists your Sensory Processing Disorder: Sensory Processing Disorder is what is known as a roadblock in your brain. Reduces Anxiety: Like depression, this isContinue Reading

Whether you are watching TV, surfing the net or reading a magazine, chances are you will come across an ad or news piece about the benefits of weighted blankets. A weighted blanket is precisely what it sounds like. It’s a normal blanket weighted down with heavy materials. By now, youContinue Reading