Non slip mats offer an extremely effective method of reducing injuries from slips and falls and provide a sense of safety and security for those living in and around high traffic areas such as offices, shopping centers, and other workplaces. While most of us are aware that we should wearContinue Reading

The Dureflex Flooring System is an innovative concept to take care of all the flooring needs in a house or building’s commercial and residential spaces. It is an automated flooring system installed by a technician and gives the customer more freedom than he could have had with the traditional methods.Continue Reading

An epoxy concrete floor is a system that provides a damage-resistant surface, a surface which lives through lasting wear, tears, and stains from grease, chemicals, acids, oils, and tire marks. This flooring works well for basements, garages, and other interior concrete floor surfaces. The advantages of epoxy floors are theyContinue Reading