A body massage chair can be the ultimate self-care purchase. It can cost a lot of money but it can be worth every penny if you can find the right one. Before you buy one, make sure that you have the space for it in your house. Where do youContinue Reading

Most yoga mats are 72 inches in length. That means a person who is six feet tall should be able to lie down on it just fine, although it would be pushing the limits. If you are a taller than this, then you need to purchase a long yoga matContinue Reading

Crossfit boxes are exercise equipment that are primarily used for plyometric routines. These are sturdy boxes that actually aren’t meant to contain anything. They are designed to bear weight from the outside. People can jump to the top of the box to stimulate leg muscle development. The boxes come inContinue Reading

Staying healthy is a top concern for most people, but getting to the gym everyday isn’t always possible. Since many people spend a good amount of time at work, desk exercise equipment can make a huge difference to a person’s activity level and quest for a healthier lifestyle. If youContinue Reading