When people think of court proceedings, the first thing that comes to mind is drama, grandiosity, and theatrics. However, behind the scenes, there is someone who captures every word uttered and every movement made – the verbatim court reporter. A verbatim court reporter is responsible for creating an easily readableContinue Reading

The Philippine Embassy USA is a great resource for Filipino citizens in the United States. It provides important services such as processing visas, issuing passports, and helping with other legal matters. It also serves as a bridge between the two countries, promoting economic ties and cultural exchanges. If you’re lookingContinue Reading

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Court reporting is an important part of the legal process. Court reporters create a verbatim record of proceedings, often in real-time. This helps ensure accurate transcripts that are used for various purposes such as archiving, reviewing cases and providing evidence in court. Napa court reporting services offer numerous benefits toContinue Reading

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