People in Nepal’s mountainous regions have been using honey containing grayanotoxins for several centuries. The mad honey Nepal products are available in limited quantities. Now you can order it online and get all its benefits. Use it only as recommended and in limited amount to avoid any toxic reaction. ThisContinue Reading

Mad honey is honey that has been made by bees that feed on specific varieties of rhododendron. These varieties contain a neurotoxin in their pollen called grayanotoxin that causes an intoxicant effect in humans which manifests in reduced heartbeat, light-headedness and hallucinations. The varieties of rhododendrons that contain the neurotoxinContinue Reading

The whole honey market has been flooded with different honey packages that make your honey buying process difficult. But as you try to understand the entire process better, your buying and identifying the best honey can be simple. With a series of comprehensive research on how to buy mad honeyContinue Reading