The medical professional of today is even more concerned with sterilization than ever before. Knowing that the slightest error in sanitary practice could spark a fresh outbreak of a deadly pandemic certainly focuses the mind on proper cleaning procedures. The Midmark M11 is a tabletop autoclave that is designed toContinue Reading

Even today, it’s still hard to find some health products in local stores, particularly natural health products. The selection is bigger now than it was a few years ago but there’s still a long way to go. For the time being, many people are having to turn to Health andContinue Reading

Wirelss Nurse Call System is an affordable, customizable, and easy-to-use system for administering voice-directed telephone nursing assistance in the field. The Nurse Wireless Nurse Call System is ideal for medical clinics and urgent care centers, and other types of healthcare facilities. The nurse system is a cost-effective solution that meetsContinue Reading

Does your workplace have an Employee Assitance Program? Organizations of varying sizes can create these programs to ensure employees maintain positive morale and are motivated. Employers can liaise with non-profit organizations for social assistance, subsidize counseling programs, and support tuition reimbursement programs. Firstly, while we expect employees to focus onContinue Reading

Specialty Telemedicine is the latest buzz in health care as many unique options are being provided to patients who have suffered from various conditions like arthritis, cardiac problems, neurological disorders, etc. With specialized technology taking over the healthcare industry, specialty telemedicine has emerged as one such option for patients receivingContinue Reading