If you look great and you enjoy dancing, you might want to apply with Cover Girl Strippers. The company is always hiring. Wherever you are in Australia, the demand for exotic dancers has been outpacing supply lately. With more people getting stressed by the coronavirus pandemic, watching pole dancers isContinue Reading

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Having the looks and physique of a model is only the start of a person’s modelling career. There are specific skills that need to be learned such as how to deport yourself as a model, how to pose and walk a catwalk, how to pose for photo-shoots, being able toContinue Reading

There are many strippers in every major city across the country, so if you want to hire one, you just need to take your pick. Please note that there are strict laws governing how strippers should operate, so you should only consider hiring strippers from licensed adult service providers. ThisContinue Reading

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Mexico is a blessed country in a number of ways. For starters, the country has great weather, which is great for tourists who come from countries that experience extreme winters. Secondly, the country is in close proximity to the US and Canada. Mexico also has hundreds of amazing tourist attractions.Continue Reading

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Mad honey is honey that has been made by bees that feed on specific varieties of rhododendron. These varieties contain a neurotoxin in their pollen called grayanotoxin that causes an intoxicant effect in humans which manifests in reduced heartbeat, light-headedness and hallucinations. The varieties of rhododendrons that contain the neurotoxinContinue Reading