Weighted blankets are blankets that have been made heavier by sewing beads or other items in pockets throughout their fabric. These blankets are used in sensory integration therapy for people with disorders such as autism. The blanked provides what is called ‘deep touch pressure’ therapy, which has been shown toContinue Reading

Testosterone (T) plays an important role in men’s sex drive, or libido. While many men experience a drop in sex drive as they age, in men with low T levels this may occur suddenly and result in not only decreased interest in sex but an inability to get an erection.Continue Reading

Hypnotherapy has been shown to help people make behavioral changes in order to deal with issues in their lives. When they are placed in a hypnotic state a person is fully relaxed and becomes more open to suggestion. Research has shown that hypnotherapy for anxiety can help relieve stress andContinue Reading

Cancer is one thing nobody wants to have but life does not always go according to our medical plans. For some inexplicable reasons, people develop cancer. Since this medical condition has no cure, the best we can do is live with it. Specialist oncologists can help cancer patients by offeringContinue Reading

Pain around the shoulders might be due to a rotator cuff injury. This can occur due to lifting heavy loads overhead, repetitive motions, and traumatic incidents. Go to a doctor to get a proper diagnosis. Aside from a physical examination, you may be asked to undergo X-ray, ultrasound, or MRIContinue Reading

La plupart des hommes n’aiment pas faire des exercices d’épaule, mais ne pas élargir votre corps en haut signifie que peu importe le nombre de redressements assis que vous faites ou le poids que vous perdez de votre taille, vous ne pourrez jamais atteindre cette forme en V convoitée. hautContinue Reading

Essential oils are used in aroma therapy that besides helping to create the right moods and aid in healing, can also give your living space aromas that everyone will appreciate. Some essential oils can dominate, whereas others are more subtle in the fragrance they give out. Some scents are deeper,Continue Reading

Menopause begins approximately 12 months since last menstruation. The most common symptoms are hot flashes, poor sleep, and vaginal dryness. Most importantly, menopause may cause anxiety or depression. Menopause Treatment consists of several types of therapies, such as vaginal estrogen, low-dose anti-depressants, and medications to prevent or treat osteoporosis. TheContinue Reading

If you’ve been taking the anti-aging supplement NMN or thinking about adding it to your health and wellness dietary routine, then you may know that NMN is available from a variety of nutrition stores. NMN can be costly and finding the right brand of NMN for your needs can getContinue Reading

There are many types of sexually transmitted diseases in existence, but some are more common than others. There are also others that are much more serious than others. Chlamydia is one of the most common types of sexually transmitted diseases and it’s hard to diagnose. This is because there areContinue Reading