The human body usually produces testosterone hormone naturally. In teenage males, testosterone is usually produced primarily in the testicles from puberty. Peak production usually occurs at the age of 18 years to 21 years. This is when men are usually in their sexual prime. As men reach age 30 years,Continue Reading

Telehealth Services are a form of Telemedicine that allows health care to be delivered remotely via Telecommunication. Telemedicine has been around for decades, but Telehealth is relatively new and does not have a clear definition. This article will discuss three reasons why Telehealth Services are important and provide examples fromContinue Reading

Vous essayez de briller rapidement ? Voici nos trois entraînements préférés pour voir des résultats rapidement… 100 pompes par jour, Les pompes font travailler plusieurs zones de votre anatomie. De votre dos à vos bras, votre poitrine et vos abdominaux, les pompes sont un incontournable pour les entraîneurs pour uneContinue Reading

One of the biggest complaints men have about their appearance as they get older is hair loss and balding is a common issue among men. Some men start to lose their hair earlier than others and the issue can cause anxiety and body image problems that they try to hideContinue Reading

Aspergers and ADHD are both disorders that have their differences but also some similarities. ADHD affects how people interact with others, while problems with social interactions characterize Aspergers. It is a neurodevelopmental disorder. Here we will discuss five things you should know about Aspergers and ADHD: 1) Aspergers is notContinue Reading

The benefits of acupuncture for anxiety are well known among western doctors and the healing science community. In China, this ancient method of pain relief has been used for thousands of years, with great success. Acupuncture can effectively treat both acute and chronic cases of stress and anxiety, and itContinue Reading

If you suffer from anxiety, you are likely looking for the best toys for anxiety. One thing that you can spend hours at is the fidget toys. This item is the one thing that can help you control your stress level, and it is fun to spend time fidgeting. TheContinue Reading

Getting tested for sexually transmitted diseases is something that should be done every once in a while. This will help to catch infections before they cause serious signs and symptoms as well as damage to your body. You can get tested during the annual health check, whenever you find aContinue Reading

The sudden frequent urges to urinate can be a hindrance. Some people may find that they stay home more frequently and do not participate in things they once enjoyed due to this problem. While medication is an option, this should not be the first step. Pelvic therapy exercises can helpContinue Reading