Dynamic application security testing (DAST) is a method for ensuring application security that focuses on analyzing applications once they are running in production and being used. This approach to security testing is sometimes referred to as a ‘black box’ test because analysts do not have access to the software’s sourceContinue Reading

Choosing the right security guards for screening Covid-19 is important. The safety of the employees and other building occupants are at stake. The name of the business will also be affected if things go wrong during the screenings. Businesses should only deal with security service companies with proven track recordsContinue Reading

Application security encompasses many steps taken to boost the overall security, typically by preventing, detecting, and fixing potential security vulnerabilities. The process of applying these steps requires the development of program-security policies that dictate what type of activities programmers are permitted and what they must avoid doing. Often, many applicationsContinue Reading

Protecting data and digital assets is not easy. You have to first perform a proper audit to identify the routes that can be used to breach your security barrier. You have to put in place different types of procedures, controls and policies to make sure security breaches to not happen.Continue Reading

Gauging risks associated with an organizations networks can be a tough job. Although there are many software programs on the market to help decipher these risks, some may be difficult to interpret. This is why choosing a product with risk assesment matrix is so vital for a company. This matrixContinue Reading

Pandemic response security guards can help during this health crisis. For property owners who have been served with a closure order, the guards can make sure that no one enters the building or loiters around the premises. For those that continue to operate, the guards can screen those entering toContinue Reading