What is ethereum nft? This is a question that many people have been asking lately, as this new type of asset has been gaining in popularity. Nft stands for a non-fungible token, and these tokens represent a unique digital asset. They are different from other types of ethereum tokens becauseContinue Reading

Why is crypto the future? For starters, crypto is more secure than traditional methods of payment. There is no need to trust a third party with your personal information with crypto. Additionally, crypto transactions are irreversible, which means that you can’t be scammed out of your money. Finally, crypto isContinue Reading

XRP is a cryptocurrency that is designed for high-volume transactions. Unlike Bitcoin, xrp does not require mining and has low fees. Here are 3 xrp cryptocurrency news items to know about: xrp was added to xRapid – xRAPID integrates XRP as the preferred digital asset for making cross-border payments. Also,Continue Reading

Current Bitcoin Price makes news with drastic run up to a price over $34,000 per bitcoin. The Bitcoin market is one of the unique markets that many traders use to hedge their bets. Bitcoin has been a quality bet for the last few years with consistent growth. Bitcoin grew andContinue Reading

Bitcoin remains the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. No other digital asset features such high trading rates. In that vein, more and more newcomers want to know how to buy Bitcoin. The answer isn’t always obvious because Bitcoin is a niche asset. Many brokerages don’t offer cryptocurrency investments due to legalContinue Reading