With the growth and popularity of Anime comic books, strips, and movies being released globally as it didn’t stay in Japan but because of the American Comic book underground scene accepting this genre of comic and spreading it from there. Moviemakers and new writers popped up as they saw theContinue Reading

Black Booty Shorts are sexy and form-fitting and can be worn as shorts or as underwear or dancewear. You can also wear them while exercising or stretching. These shores are the perfect attire for yoga class as well. They fit comfortably and have a low waistband that will not rideContinue Reading

When that specific time of year arrives, Halloween and Comicon, or even just a dress-up party, the most important part you have chosen, is the wig! With ANIME (Japanese animation and comic book) becoming more and more popular every day, your costume will mostly focus on that part of theContinue Reading