Artists of every level can benefit from drawing practice. Whether you’re new to using a sketchbook or an experienced pro, daily drawing activities can help you improve your craft and keep you committed to your art. There are a number of cute drawing ideas that can get your creative juicesContinue Reading

Art Deco posters are a great way to add some interest to your space, whether you’re decorating a bedroom, living area, or creative studio. People who admire this type of art know that the particular artistic movement started in France, right after the first world war. Its influence can beContinue Reading

Male models for an artist, whether students or practiced professionals need to understand their role. The concept of a male pose reference can be translated into a well-formed male who can stand immobile for several minutes at a time. This gives the artist enough time to form an image inContinue Reading

Millennial has been recently studied to have the most interest in art as compared to the previous generations. Social media has accelerated this recent enthusiasm for art. Most millennials know a thing or two about dance, and almost all of them claim that they appreciate millenial art. Millennials are indeedContinue Reading

Kosta Boda Australia products are known for high-quality glass objects. The Swedish company has expert artisans and designers who make colorful decorative accessories, figurines, sculptures, and crystal vases. These items are high in demand all over the world for their stunning looks and high glass quality. Its product list isContinue Reading

If you have a ton of photos you want to display, here are a few ideas that should help you out. • Make paperweights by sticking images on to 3-Dimensional objects. For example, find wood blocks at the local hobby store and laminate the images on to the block. VarnishContinue Reading

The bathroom is where we spend a great deal of time. This is why it should be decorated and set up in a way that is tasteful, but also easy to look at. This is also why nature scenes, abstract art, and even images with many things to look atContinue Reading