The Lock-N-Load Moto Transport system is a device for securing motocross motorbikes in a trailer that replaces the need to use straps, floor anchors or wheel chocks to keep the bike secure. The benefit of this system is that it takes the pressure off the motorbike’s fork seals while itContinue Reading

Car & Truck Thermo Fan Kits are used to cool down the interiors of a vehicle. The purpose of this is to make sure that the car or truck stays cool as possible, especially during long drives and hot days. In the summer months, the interiors of the vehicle tendContinue Reading

Airscrubbers, as their name suggests, are machines that scrub your floors or other surfaces using pressurized air. They are used by many professional janitorial services to clean and disinfect areas. Their essential function is to remove and reduce visible mold, dirt, dust, and grime from your floors, sofas, or otherContinue Reading

Airscrubbers are now used extensively across residential and commercial sectors to ensure clean air in the indoor areas. This machine can remove airborne contaminants like dust, toxic gases, mold, harmful particles, chemical fumes and other foreign substances. Pollutants caused by regular air pollution, sewer, fire and waste water are removed.Continue Reading

A bugle is a small brass instrument that has fewer or no valves compared to a trumpet. As a result, there is a small variation between the notes, and so the sound is quite consistent. A bugle has historically been used to announce the arrival of important people or asContinue Reading

Irrigation for homeowners has been made easier by the Tempus Controller WiFi from Toro. Other than making irrigation easier, this controller also helps homeowners save time and manage water resources that are normally wasted while performing this task. Some of the features that make the Tempus Controller a must-have forContinue Reading

Colortrac Scanners is a UK company that provides large format colour scanning technology. Established in 1989 they are a leading supplier and innovator in scanning technology in wide formats for the oil exploration industry. Their scanning products are affordable, easy to use and produce quality results for both colour andContinue Reading

A walking frame is an intermediate solution between people who do not need a wheelchair but who do not feel comfortable moving independently or who are prescribed a support while recovering from a medical situation. A walking frame offers much more support and stability than a cane because the personContinue Reading

Whether it is a classroom or meeting room, the place must be equipped with the right audio visual equipment. These devices are needed to communicate properly with the target audience, viewers and listeners. They expect high quality audio and video results which can be ensured only by using top qualityContinue Reading