Advantages Of Using Structural Insulated Panels

The structural insulated panels are preferred in many locations to construct housing structures. The high-performance panels are used to build walls, roofs, and floors. This composite building material is made with structural boards and foam. Thick foam board is sandwiched between two structural boards to make this type of panel. The sideboards can be metal sheet or OSB (oriented strand board). The foam can be expanded polystyrene foam, extruded polystyrene foam or polyurethane foam.

These panels have structural properties similar to I-column or I-beam. There are many advantages of using these panels to make housing structures. It ensures a high level of energy savings due to its insulated structure. The heating and cooling bills come down. A building with these panels can be constructed quickly. The building construction labor cost comes down. Electrical, plumbing and gas systems can be installed faster.