Be A Great Speaker: Tips From Top Speakers

Being a great public speaker is a great way to build your business and influence others. Almost every great leader in history was great at speaking publicly, from Winston Churchill to Martin Luther King Jr. In this article; we’ll share some tips that have been passed down from top speakers over the years on how you can be great too!
What should I know about this?

  • The great public speakers are the great leaders of their time. They have tremendous charisma and energy that makes people want to listen to them, regardless of what they’re saying! If you can capture this in your speaking, it will be mighty for you as well. Think about how much better a list with great examples is than just reading bullet points? People love stories, so use these great anecdotes from history where possible.
  • Speakers know how important body language is! This doesn’t mean standing awkwardly or looking out at nothing – instead, think about things like having good posture while making eye contact during critical moments. It’s also worth practicing gestures, so they feel natural when you do them on stage.
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