Q And A: Modeling Edition

Since the beginning of modeling itself there have been countless preconceptions about the industry, how to get started and what really helps you get discovered. Today we asked a modeling expert a few of your questions and here’s what he had to say…

Can you really get discovered at a mall?

Slim to none. Chances are “scouts” in a mall are playing off the old “you pay us, we’ll find you work” skit that just isn’t true. When in doubt… run.

Can only slim, tall girls be models?

From an editorial model to a runway, commercial or catalog model… everyone needs something different. Petite and plus may not work the runway as much but they still cover a large portion of women. So never feel the need to lie about your measurements when you submit to agencies.

Are reality shows about modeling accurate?

No. While modeling can be cut-throat, the shows you see are drama filled on purpose. It keeps you watching.

As you start your journey into modeling, we wish you many successful go-sees, great head-shots and plenty of adventures.