What Is Male Andropause?

Male andropause, sometimes also called male menopause, refers to changes that occur in a man’s body when hormone levels fall. The symptoms of these changes are also known as androgen deficiency, testosterone deficiency, and hypogonadism.

Men older than the age of 50 typically experience a fall in testosterone production which can affect their sex drive, mental and physical energy, ability to maintain muscle mass, and other changes to the body. Male menopause differs from female menopause because not all men experience it and it does not involve the cessation of the functions of reproductive organs the way it does in women. Many men, however, experience sexual problems as a result of lowered testosterone levels. It can also cause some of the following issues:

• Feelings of low energy
• Depression
• Decreased motivation and drive
• Lack of self-confidence
• Erectile dysfunction
• Inability to concentrate
• An increase in body fat
• Reduced libido
• Infertility