Ordering Mad Honey Nepal Products Online

People in Nepal’s mountainous regions have been using honey containing grayanotoxins for several centuries. The mad honey Nepal products are available in limited quantities. Now you can order it online and get all its benefits. Use it only as recommended and in limited amount to avoid any toxic reaction. This honey is sourced only in a few remote locations around the world. Some of these locations are found in Nepal. Even here, this honey is found only in a few areas. You will get high quality natural honey that offers several health benefits because of the presence of this toxin.

This honey is now packed professionally and shipped worldwide. You will find 150, 300 and 450 grams of packs. The price starts at USD $70 for the 150 gram pack. The 300 gram pack costs $120 and the 450 gram pack costs $150. Order it online using your card.