Attic Fans Can Help To Reduce The Temperature In Homes

The process of convection causes the hot air in a home to rise and move to its upper rooms, where it can get trapped in an attic. This can result in temperatures in the attic slowly rising and the heat from it getting transferred to the inside of the home through the ceiling. This can cause your cooling systems to having to work overtime and increase your electric bills.

You can avoid this through an attic fan installation that will evacuate the hot air from the attic and lead to lower temperatures in that confined space. These fans come in various sizes, and it is necessary that you first determine the square footage of your attic, and multiply if by 7 to give you the cubic feet of air that will be required to be moved every minute. For a fan to work properly in extracting the air, it is also necessary to have adequate vents under the eave that can bring in fresh air from outside.