3 Natural Ways To Easily Increase Testosterone Levels

There are three natural ways to increase testosterone levels. This article will explain how each of these methods works and the potential benefits.

Increase your intake of zinc

Zinc is a mineral needed for healthy functioning in many parts of the body, including the production and metabolism of hormones such as testosterone. It can be found in oysters, beef liver, spinach, cashews, oatmeal, and more!

Exercise regularly

Studies show that people who participated in 30 minutes or more per day had higher levels than those who did not exercise at all or only exercised sporadically throughout the week. The participants were split into two groups, one doing heavy strength training and the other jogging. The increase in testosterone levels was quite significant!

Cut out sugar

Sugar reduces your body’s ability to produce testosterone naturally by inhibiting an enzyme called 17b-HSD, which is necessary for T production. Try cutting down on candy bars, chocolate, soda pop, etc. Replace them with healthier alternatives like fruit or water instead!

To conclude, increase testosterone levels naturally by exercising more, keeping a healthy diet, and cutting out sugar!