Bong And Water Pipe Smoking

Bongs and water pipe smoking are among the many types of smokeless inhalation tools that have gained much popularity in recent years. This is because they are considered safer than other smoking experiences like cigars and cigarettes. Bongs and pipes are composed of clay rods that are long and flexible enough to be bent into different shapes. These types of pipes are considered to be very useful in creating differing amounts of smoke, varying amounts of scents, and even varying temperatures, which in short help people to enjoy a better smoke.

You can start making your Water Pipe Smoking by using a mold or shaping clay right after gathering them from the clay pile. Once the mold or straight tube is ready, you can now heat it until its temperature reaches about 180 degrees Celsius or so. If you are going to shape the straight tube using a mold, you need to make sure that you line the inside of it with some paper or cardboard. Ensure that you also create a slit at one end of the straight tube for the air to come out.