3 Things You Should Know About Silver Stud Earrings

The silver earrings with the silver studs are one of the hottest fashion accessories for women. This article will provide you with facts that are essential to understanding the silver stud earrings market.

1) They first appeared in ancient Rome and Greece, where they were made of silver or gold.
2) Studs have been popular for decades and continue to be seen on celebrities as well as everyday people.
3) The most common type of silver stud earring is a small post that goes through the lower part of your ear; however, other types such as dangle, hoop, chandelier, etc.

Silver stud earrings look great with any outfit and make a subtle statement.- The silver color is perfect in warm weather because it has a cooling effect on your skin and is a great inexpensive gift.
Try them on and match them with your favorite outfit.