The 17 Global Goals

World leaders in 2015 agreed on 17 global goals. These goals are also known as sustainable development goals. The idea is to end poverty, fight inequality, handle climate challenges and achieve sustainable growth goals. Governments, businesses, and general public have to work together to achieve these goals. Eradicating poverty remains the biggest challenge. Many global problems can be solved if individuals and families have a decent regular income. Global leaders, UN and other organizations have been working for years to reduce the poverty level around the world.

Ensuring access to food and clean water remains a big challenge for many governments. Lack of these things causes thousands of deaths every day around the world. Many types of diseases can be finished by just ensuring a balanced meal, clean water and sanitary environment. It will help everyone lead a healthy and productive life. Governments and world bodies have been devising a variety of solutions and working together to solve all such global problems.