The Importance Of Workcover Physiotherapy

Workcover physiotherapy is a work-related injury that requires an individual to have treatment from a Workcover physio. Workcover works with injured individuals at work and needs rehabilitation or ongoing management of their injuries. Physiotherapy can also be prescribed for people who have been diagnosed with work-related chronic pain, myalgia, postural problems, repetitive strain injury, and work-related stress conditions such as depression.

Why is this important?

Physiotherapists provide care in both the workplace and community settings. They assess workplaces to identify any risk factors then develop programs to reduce these risks. This reduces the likelihood of workers sustaining an injury at work which is beneficial for employers and employees because it means they stay healthy longer and are more productive.

Physiotherapy is an integral part of WorkCover rehabilitation. It can help employees return to work safely and effectively after suffering a work-related injury. Physiotherapists work with injured workers to help them manage their pain, improve their range of motion, and regain strength and function. They also provide education on how to prevent further injuries from occurring.
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