Third Eye Chakra Healing Helps

Third Eye Chakra Healing, also known as the “sacral chakra,” is located at the base of the skull right below the eyes. This chakra has the highest frequency that is associated with the spiritual aspect of life. When you’re aligned to this chakra, you can hear the chirping of a songbird, especially if it’s a female songbird. You can also sense the color of light when the chakra is out of place.

One easy method is to meditate and focus your awareness on the object of your meditation. As you become more attuned to the sound of the spiritual voice, you will find that the indigo color chakra begins to clear, and the visions become more clear. As the chakra clears, you will begin to experience the feeling of spiritual lightness, and your perception of space and time will become clearer. You will then begin to see the visual symptoms of your third eye- chakra clearing, such as a clear complexion, greater mental clarity, clearer dreams, and an enhanced sense of wellness.