Alternative Treatments For Fibromyalgia Back Pain

As the cause of fibromyalgia back pain remains unknown, many are exploring alternative therapies for relief. Some of these include biofeedback, massage therapy, flotation therapy and guided imagery. While these complementary treatments work well for some, symptoms may remain unchanged for others.

Biofeedback is essentially a therapy that trains the brain to react differently to stimuli. Therefore, if the back pain is triggered by something, this treatment can help neutralize its effect. Guided imagery works almost the same way except through guided meditation sessions.

Massage therapy can manipulate muscle and joints while flotation reduces tension for easier movement. Both can help reduce stress, which is also recommended by medical professionals.

Although the origin of fibromyalgia pain is mysterious, it can still be treated with a variety of medical and complementary therapies. Biofeedback, massage, flotation and guided imagery may be worth inquiring about on your next visit to the doctor.