Scuba Diving In Phuket

When it comes to great scuba diving Phuket is definitely one of the places to go; it’s one of the main diving destinations in Thailand. One advantage of Phuket is that diving can be enjoyed year round, although experienced divers will tell you November to April is the best time. Visibility under the water is also good year round, and of course the area is known for its clear blue waters. Most of the popular dive sites are at a depth of between 18 to 30 meters, and many boast coral reefs, intriguing rock formations and hidden caves. Most of the diving sites in and around Phuket are only accessible by boat, meaning that diving day trips are common, and are offered by many companies. And away from the diving, the island of Phuket is well known for its nightlife, beautiful and secluded beaches and world class hotels and resorts.