Some Of The Latest News In AI

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) continue to occur at a breakneck speed. Following is some of the latest AI news.

AI Used to Identify Fake News

US and Chinese researchers working at the Big Data and AI Lab at IntelligentRabbit and the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture, respectively, have developed algorithms that can rank news items for media credibility. Using a neural network they have achieved a system that is up to 94% accurate and outstrips other methods and can identify fake news that is camouflaged in otherwise genuine news content.

Chatbots Inform New Apps

Researchers at Aalto university have used the power of chatbots to help developers create new apps and enable users to get information about them. A chatbot called Hey GU can answer user’s questions by showing screenshots of apps or with text answers to help them find the app they need.