Rotary Feed Manufaturers Facts You Should Know About

Rotary feeders are generally considered one of the most cost-effective and practical pieces of equipment for serious meat and poultry owners. The rotary feed system consists of a large rotating drum attached to a cam or similar device that moves the feed from the drum to the bird or turkey. Feeding the birds and turkeys this way has obvious advantages; the first is that it is much more mechanically sound than traditional feeding turkeys and other birds by hand. With the rotary feed manufaturers, there is no need to bend down as you feed. Standing up also means less bending over. The feed drum moves on a fixed base and is secured to the base by a ratchet. There are two basic types of rotary feed. The first type is designed to be mounted on the machine itself and has a feed tray that can be slid out for cleaning. The other type of rotary feed is designed to be mounted on the platform of the rotary press.