Buying A Dive Mask Strap Cover

One dive gear that should not be left on the board is the dive mask strap cover. If not correctly fitted, it will interfere with your vision and decrease your scuba diving efficiency. This problem is compounded when the mask is not stored correctly when not in use. In order to prevent this problem and several others from occurring, the strap needs to be securely fastened to the mask.

Proper elasticity of the straps is necessary. A good design professional continuously checks the straps once production begins. This ensures that the perfect fit is achieved and that the straps will work appropriately after manufacture. Unfortunately, this is not something you can check when purchasing masks and straps.

To ensure proper function, the manufacturers provide instructions on how to measure correctly and how to adjust mask straps for the best fit. Manufacturers usually provide an image showing exactly how the mask should fit on the wearer.