How To Play Disc Golf: Your Guide To Competitive Disc Golf In Australia

Disc golf is one of the fastest-growing sports in Australia, with Disc Golf tournaments being held all over the country. Disc Golf is a simple sport, and anyone can play it. You just need to know how! Disc golf originated from traditional golf, where players use a flying disc instead of clubs. Here are the basics for Disc Golf Australia:

1) Find out what equipment you need

Frisbees (long and short), baskets (holes or posts), and a backpack to carry gear. You can find these items at an online store by doing a simple google search.

2) Learn proper throwing technique

Disc golf is similar to throwing a frisbee in that you want the disc to fly as flat and level as possible. If it’s off-center, then the disc will curve towards whichever side is down. Discs can go much farther than they look, so make sure your throw stays straight!

When throwing a disc, the most important thing to remember is to keep your thumb pointed down and your finger curled. This will help you grip the disc with an ‘overhand’ technique, which will give you more power and accuracy.

3) Get comfortable throwing off different surfaces and keep your disc clean

Keep Discs Dry! Disc golf courses can be found on surfaces from parks to grassy fields or even out in nature, so discs must stay dry when not in use. Discs should be cleaned before and after play, stored in a dry place – like your backpack or bag – and then used again!

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