Essential Hockey Goalie Accessories

Hockey goalie accessories include the stick, gloves, leg pads, and mask. These are considered the most important pieces of hockey goalie equipment. Choosing the right mask and gloves is crucial for both safety and comfort. A good pair of gloves should fit snugly on the hands. A hockey goalie’s faceguard is made of soft synthetic material that prevents water from seeping into the net. A good pair of pants will provide enough coverage to the thighs.

A chest protector provides additional protection from slap shots and other types of pucks. It is an essential piece of equipment that should be included in your hockey goalie accessories. A chest protector from Vaughn is lightweight and comfortable. A catching glove is another essential piece of equipment. It protects the goalie’s hand from pucks and protects it from any slap shots. A chest protector is another accessory that can help you protect your chest.