A Guide To Sports Card Stores

If you are a sports card collector, you know how hard it can be to find sports card stores nearby. It can feel like nobody carries sports cards anymore! But don’t worry- we have the solution for you.

Sometimes you can find cards released before the player was even traded to another team- it’s all about knowing where to look!

Consider The age and condition of the sports card – is it new? Is there wear and tear? What year was it printed in?

The team name – do you like their logo? Do you want a whole set with just their sports teams logo on them? Who are their players/coaches/owners/fans like (if applicable)?

There are a few different sports card stores that you can check out.

Topps is one of the most popular sports card companies, and they have their online store and a few physical stores across the United States. Fleer and Donruss are two other good options if you’re looking for older cards.