Diving Into Burton Snowboards

How many of you have been dreaming about Burton snowboards? If so, we hope that this blog post will help make your dreams come true. This article is going to be a quick guide on Burton snowboards and what they offer the athlete. We are going to dive into Burton snowboards in 3 main points below:

-The History behind Burton snowboard company

The History behind burton snowboards – Burton Snowboards is a privately held company founded in 1977 by Jake Burton Carpenter based on his own designs.

-Key features offered by Burton boards

One of the most awaited features burton snowboards are known for is their ability to turn on a ski lift line with ease. This has helped them become one of the best-selling boards in North America and Europe. They also offer fantastic stability, which means you are less likely to fall off your board.

-Notable athletes who ride Burton boards

One of Burton Snowboard’s most well-known riders is Shaun White, who has won the Snowboarding Gold Medal at the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Burton Snowboards are one of North America’s best-selling boards.