PSS Antistatic Coating Liquid Wi51 Works Well

PSS Antistatic Coating Liquid wI51 is a water based formula used to treat and prime various types of plastic film and sheeting including PVC and PET materials. This inventive liquid coating treatment makes items antistatic and increases adhesive ability. Plus, it protects against moisture and humidity, which makes it ideal to use in humid environments. This top quality formula is better than other antistatic coating agents. In addition, it works just as well when diluted, which makes it highly efficient and cost effective. In many cases, only a thin coating may be needed to cover a surface. This liquid is alcohol resistant, easy to use and it does not have a strong or offensive odor. It can also transmit visible light and is safe for the environment. Moreover, prevents the accumulation of dust. This cutting-edge liquid coating formula is the ultimate antistatic solution.