Introduction To PRINCE2 Foundation Certification

You may be wondering what PRINCE2 Foundation Certification is. PRINCE2 is a project management methodology that focuses on delivering business value through best practices and techniques. Organizations have used PRINCE2 for over 30 years to manage complex projects, programs, and portfolios across multiple industries. PRINCE2 Foundation Certification provides an overview of the PRINCE2 approach, focusing on how it can help improve organizational performance. PR

The first point to mention is that PRINCE offers a set of principles and methods for managing projects, programs, and portfolios to deliver business value. The second point would be how PRINCE can help you improve organizational performance. Finally, I would like to mention PRINCE’s value proposition, which includes:


  • PRINCE defines a clear set of principles that guide the project team. These include cost control, stakeholder satisfaction, and communication management.


  • PRINCE provides a systematic approach for managing projects by applying an integrated process model. PRINCE includes techniques for delivering business value and provides a framework to guide project teams in managing projects.


  • PRINCE offers clear guidance on how to manage your project effectively and help you achieve organizational objectives. PRINCE methods are proven to be reliable, repeatable, and pragmatic to be applied to any project. PRINCE was developed by the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) in response to a perceived need for guidance on how to manage better control and audit public sector projects.

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