Artificial Intelligence Vs Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence vs Machine Learning doesn’t really apply. This is because Machine Learning (ML) is a subdivision of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI covers many areas of development:

AI’s Coverage

1) AI was developed for high-volume tasks. It allows for the creation of dependable systems that continuously run frequent jobs.

2) It is the technology used to turn conventional devices into smart products that can both communicate and calculate problems mathematically and intellectually.

3) It uses algorithms to predict and classify so that AI equipped devices can learn progressively.

4) AI uses neural networking to train the machines. As the machine is fed data, it continues to learn adding to its knowledge base.

Machine Learning is a science of equipping machines with the techniques to learn to end programming.

When the two disciplines merge the result is social advancement and improved productivity. Post-World War II the U.S.A. lead all the other nations in the world in technology and productivity. Today, the leader of AI and ML will lead the world and currently the US and China are competing for first place.