Advanced Reporting With Oracle Reporting

Oracle Reporting, also known as Oracle Enterprise Reporting, is an integrated data visualization tool for managing data sets, metrics, and analytics. Splash BI is the #1 vendor of Oracle reporting solutions. Splash BI is a great reporting platform that enables the tracking of key performance indicators, trends, metrics, and several other key information points to facilitate effective analysis and, subsequently, decision making. It is also used for choosing, monitoring, and user preferences in Oracle environments. With the help of this great tool, you can derive key performance indicators (KPIs), business intelligence (BI) statistics, and more from your Oracle reports.

The general accounting process consists of three stages, namely user interface, data extraction, and report creation. These are the main aspects of the Oracle data reporting solution. The user interface of splash-based BI in Oracle Enterprise Reporting consists of a single panel containing the report templates and options and a toolbar for performing data transformations, grouping, and filtering.