Newtown’s Finest: Informative Article About Restaurant Newtown

Welcome to restaurant Newtown! This restaurant is located in the heart of downtown at 35 Main Street. If you are looking for a restaurant with great food, service, and atmosphere, this is your place. We offer lunch specials every weekday from 11 am-3 pm, including soup or salad, entree, and dessert for $10-$12 per person. Join us tonight for our famous Friday Fish Fry dinner special, where we serve fried fish with fries and coleslaw all night long for just $11 per person.

What makes this restaurant unique?

We are the restaurant that is open all seven days of the week. We offer early-bird specials Monday through Thursday from 11 am-11 pm. You can enjoy a delicious meal for just $12 per person, including soup or salad and dessert. Our restaurant has been in business since 1977, which makes us one of the oldest restaurants around! If you have not tried our restaurant before, we invite you to try it today. You will be glad that you did! Are there any events at your restaurant? This weekend on Saturday night, we will be hosting live music by Steve Lockhart starting at about 12:30 am, so make sure to join us downstairs later tonight!

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