What Are Apartment Management Companies?

Apartment management companies are services that deal with the physical and legal aspects of residential buildings such as apartments, condos, and townhomes. This includes home inspections every six months, maintenance work like plumbing repairs, HVAC systems repair or replacement, fire alarms service, and inspection/cleaning for damages. They also take care of any legal issues in the building, such as evictions, disputes among neighbours, or condo associations.

Typically, management companies are contracted by the landlord. However, the resident can hire them directly for their services in some cases.

The qualifications of an apartment management company may vary depending on where you live. In general, however, they should be duly registered and have a license to provide their services. In addition, they should be bonded for errors or negligence in their job. They do not need to provide extensive training like that of full-time employees, but they still need to skillfully handle their responsibilities.