Buy Apricot Kernels To Grow Apricot Trees

Buy apricot kernels to grow apricot trees. Or you can buy the fruit, allow the uneaten part, the pit to sit on a counter and dry out. The pit houses the kernels or the seeds for this fruit.

After a few days, the pit should be dry. If it is thoroughly dry, it’s time to crack the pit and remove the kernels or seeds. To remove the seeds safely, use a nutcracker to open the pit. You must not harm the seed sacks, so carefully crack open the pit.

Soak the seeds in a glass filled with water for one day. Then transfer seeds to a damp paper towel wrapped in plastic. Refrigerate for one month. This mimics the seed falling to the damp ground in nature in the winter.

Plant at least 25 feet away from other vegetation in holes at least three to four inches deep. Plant in fertile nutrient-rich earth. Water daily until tree first emerges, and then weekly thereafter.