3 Key Reasons Microgreen Pads Are A Must-have For Hydroponic Growing

For hydroponic growing, hydroponic microgreen pads are a must-have. These small sheets of material can be used to grow many different types and varieties of greens. Microgreens are an excellent addition to any diet because they contain higher nutrients than their full-grown counterparts.

They also have a more balanced nutrient profile which is better for our bodies! In this article, we will discuss 3 reasons why hydroponic microgreen pads are a must-have for hydroponic growing systems:

1) The ability to transfer the plant from one container to another without damaging it – as hydroponics is all about plants in water, moving them between containers can be difficult if not done correctly.

2) The ability for hydroponic plants to grow in any container or on a variety of surfaces – hydroponics emphasizes the idea that hydroponics is all about “hydro” (water) and, as such, can be grown with ease anywhere.

3) To make sure your microgreens are thriving, it’s essential to keep them moist. The best way to do this is by purchasing hydroponic pads, which will provide you with moisture at all times without introducing water into the growing environment.

They have been designed specifically for hydroponics, so there’s no messy watering! All you need to do is place them over top of plant containers, and they’ll soak up every bit of water required.