Pet Portraits Immoritalize Your Companion.

Pet portraits are the best way to memorialize and keep your pet in your home forever, even if they have passed. This is because a picture lasts forever, and can be a cherished memory no matter where you live.

These can be made in many varieties, and you can find a ton of people doing them. They don’t require anything from your actual pet, so you won’t have to send it away.

You can have it done at any point in your pet’s life! Some people document their pet’s life from puppy to elderly, with multiple pictures.

The best part about this type of portrait is that you’ll never forget how your beloved pet looked, especially if it passed a while back. It will forever be alive in your home, or even on your phone or computer if you take a digital copy.

This is the best reason why you should have a portrait of your beloved animal companion. It will last forever.