Koi Flakes Are The Perfect Food For Baby Koi

Koi Flakes are the perfect food for the fish swimming in your Koi pond. The symbol of the Koi fish has represented friendship and love in Japan’s art. The explosion of Koi fish as pets living in either indoor aquariums or outdoor Koi ponds has lead to a number of unique questions. What do Koi fish eat? Typically, adult Koi’s are fed food that comes in a pellet form. However, the smaller Koi may not yet have grown to a size large enough to nipple on these pellets. These young Koi’s need to eat and rather than smashing pellets many Koi owners are leaning towards Koi Flakes as the most reasonable option on the market. Koi fish are beautiful and a perfect addition to your personal Zen garden space. Koi flakes are ideal food for your young Koi’s not yet large enough to swallow pellets.